Wednesday Math in Maloney

If you’re looking for a good day to come to the 5th floor of Maloney, then try any day of the week… But if you’re looking for a great day to come to the 5th floor of Maloney, I’d recommend coming on a Wednesday.


Wednesday Tea, 4-5 p.m.

Thursdays may have seminars, but Wednesdays have tea.  That’s probably reason enough.  Above are BC math folk in their natural habit.  (Not pictured are people playing Go… we’re trying to get the game to catch on, but first we need to get more people that actually know how to play….)


Putnam Problem Solving Group, 5:30-6:30 p.m.

And after tea you can meander over to 560 to find the Putnam group stare at very hard (unnecessarily hard?) math problems.  Currently, we’re working through the 2015 Putnam exam.  Today we got through the first 4 problems… updates to follow.  The #5 and #6 problems are coming up next, and these problems aren’t getting any easier….

Anyway, as you can tell, Wednesday afternoons are mathtastic in Maloney.  As a matter of fact, sometimes I even have to remind myself not to have too much fun…


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