Movie Night!



Just wanted to do a quick recap of our movie night that we had a couple days ago, which as you can imagine, was awesome.  As per Chris’s recommendation, we watched the documentary Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem, which chronicles the life of the American mathematician Julia Robinson who made great progress towards the solution of Hilbert’s Tenth Problem (which led to its eventual solution by the Russian mathematician Yuri Matiyasevich).  It was also cool to see how Robinson pushed the boundaries and paved the way for women in mathematics.  I highly recommend watching it!  (it’s available to stream for free on BC’s library website).

Also, after the movie was over, we had an informal Q&A session with some current math majors / double majors on classes, life as a double major, studying abroad, etc.


So, if you have any questions about double majoring, feel free to ask these guys:

Andrew Ferdowsian (math/econ), Andre Wei (math/cs), Chris Ratigan, Christian Cofoid (math/finance)


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