Putnam 12/03/16

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to everyone who took the Putnam this past Saturday.  We met in Maloney 536 at 10:00 am since we couldn’t use 560 or the lounge because of a topology seminar.  We don’t know if they were actually using the lounge though, because when we checked, the only thing there was a pile of bagels on the table with a note that said: “for the topology seminar (i.e. NOT FOR PUTNAM!)”


That’s fine, we had our own bagels anyway.  And donuts.

Anyway, the test wasn’t bad, and I think we scored fairly well as a team.  As a whole, we did well on the first section (I think everyone got problems 1, 2, or both), but I think we agreed that the second section was more challenging (lots of analysis!).  The test ended at 6:00 pm–so in total, a great way to spend a Saturday.

And now we wait until the spring to get our results.

Here‘s a list / discussion of problems that were on the test:

Putnam Archive

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